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IA Scoring Logic

CMS has largely kept the IA category scoring logic almost same for 2020 as it was for 2019.

  • Each activity is weighted either medium or high. To get the maximum score of 40 points for the Improvement Activity score, you may select any of these combinations:
    • 2 high-weighted activities
    • 1 high-weighted activity and 2 medium-weighted activities
    • Up to 4 medium-weighted activities

  • All you need to do:
    Attest by indicating “Yes” to each activity that meets the 90-day requirement

  • Clinicians can choose to attest to the set of activities that are most meaningful to their practice since there are no subcategory reporting requirements

MIPS Scoring for Improvement Activities

(15% of Final Score in Transition Year)

Total Points = 40

Activity Points
Medium = 10 points
High = 20 points

Alternate Activity Points*
Medium = 20 points
High = 40 points

For clinicians in small, rural, and underserved practices or with nonpatient facing clinicians or groups

Full credit for clinicians in a patient-centered medical home, Medical Home Model, or similar specialty practice

Category Score


Total number of points scored for completed activities

Total maximum number of points (40)



Quick tip: Maximum score cannot exceed 100%

performance category score

  • Non-patient facing MIPS eligible clinicians, small practices, practices located in rural areas or geographic HPSAs no longer require self-identifications.
  • In 2020 CMS has kept a total of approximately 105 activities in the inventory.