Quality Scoring Logic


60% of Final Score

Select 6 of About 300 Quality Measures
(minimum of 90 days to be eligible for maximum payment adjustment); 1 must be:

  • Outcome Measure or
  • High Priority Measure – defined as Outcome measure, Appropriate Use measure, Patient experience, Patient safety, Efficiency measures, or Care coordination

Different requirements for Groups reporting CMS web interface or those in MIPS APMs

May also select Specialty-specific set of measures

Readmission measure for Group submissions that have >= 16 Clinicians and a sufficient number of cases
(no requirement to submit)

Bonus Points: Clinicians receive bonus points for either of the following

Bonus Points chart1
Bonus Points chart2
performance category score

Quick tip: Maximum Score cannot exceed 100
*Maximum Number of Points = # of Required Measures x 10