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Calculating the Final Score Under MIPS

The overall MIPS scoring is a weighted average of the scores across 4 categories: Quality, PI, IA and Cost. For 2019, the weightages for these 4 categories are set at 45%, 25%, 15% and 15% respectively. In addition to the final weighted average, called as the Composite MIPS Score, an eligible clinician would qualify for bonus related to complex patients etc.

For 2019, the MIPS performance threshold has been increased from 15 to 30. Eligible clinicians/practices need to score a minimum of 30 MIPS score to avoid negative payment adjustment.

Final Score =

Clinician Quality performance category score x actual Quality performance category weight


Clinician Cost performance category score x actual Cost performance category weight


Improvement Activities performance category score x actual Improvement Activities performance category weight


Promoting Interoperability performance category score x actual Promoting Interoperability performance category weight



final score