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IA Scoring Logic

For 2023, CMS has largely kept the IA category scoring logic almost the same as it was for previous years.

Each activity is weighted either as medium or high. To get the maximum score of 40 points for the Improvement Activity score, a combination of the following activities will need to be selected:

  • 2 high-weighted activities; OR
  • 1 high-weighted activity and 2 medium-weighted activities; OR
  • Up to 4 medium-weighted activities
  • All providers need to attest by indicating “Yes” to each activity that meets the minimum 90-consecutive day requirement
  • Providers can choose to attest to the set of activities that are most meaningful to their practice

MIPS Scoring for Improvement Activities

(15% of Final Score in Transition Year)

Total Points = 40

Activity Points
Medium = 10 points
High = 20 points

Alternate Activity Points
Medium = 20 points
High = 40 points

For clinicians in small, rural, and underserved practices or with nonpatient facing clinicians or groups

Full credit for clinicians in a patient-centered medical home, Medical Home Model, or similar specialty practice

Total number of points scored for completed activities

Total maximum number of points (40)




Category Score

Quick tip: Maximum score cannot exceed 100%

performance category score

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