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PI Scoring Logic

1. MIPS eligible clinicians are required to report certain measures from each of the five objectives, with performance-based scoring occurring at the individual measure-level.

2. Each measure is scored based on the MIPS eligible clinician’s performance for that measure, except for the measures associated with the Public Health, Clinical Data Exchange objective and PDMP(Prescription drug monitoring program) measure which require a yes/no attestation.

3. The scores for each of the individual measures are added together to calculate the total Promoting Interoperability performance category score of up to 100 possible points for each MIPS eligible clinician/practice.

4. To calculate the Promoting Interoperability performance category score, the measure scores are added together, and the total sum is divided by the total possible points (100). The total sum cannot exceed the total possible points. This calculation results in a fraction from zero to 1, which can be formatted as a percent. This percent is multiplied by 25% of PI category weight to derive PI Score

5. For a MIPS eligible clinician to earn a score greater than zero for the Promoting Interoperability performance category, in addition to completing the actions included in the Security Risk Analysis measure, the MIPS eligible clinician must submit their complete numerator and denominator (Numerator should be at least 1 or greater) or yes/no data for all required measures.

How to Fulfill the PI base score

list of 2018 Promoting Interoperability

Promoting Interoperability
Objectives & Measures

Base Score Required Measures

Security Risk AnalysisYes
E-Prescribing1 Patient
Provide Patient Access1 Patient
Send a Summary of Care1 Patient
Request/Accept a Summary of Care1 Patient

2018 Promoting Interoperability
Transition Objectives & Measures

Base Score Required measures

Security Risk AnalysisYes
E-Prescribing1 Patient
Provide Patient Access1 Patient
Health Information Exchange1 Patient

Note: Exclusions available for Electronic Prescribing and Health Information Exchange Objective and Measures

How to Fulfill the PI Performance score

Promoting Interoperability Transitional Measures

MeasurePerformance Score
Protect Patient Health Information0
Electronic Prescribing0
Patient Electronic AccessProvide Patient Access – Up to 20%
View, Download, or Transmit (VDT) – Up to 10%
Patient-Specific EducationUp to 10%
Secure MessagingUp to 10%
Health Information ExchangeUp to 20%
Medication ReconciliationUp to 10%
Public Health Reporting:

  • Immunization Registry Reporting
  • Syndromic Surveillance Reporting
  • Electronic Case Reporting
  • Public Health Registry Reporting
  • Clinical Data Registry Reporting
0 or 10%

How to Fulfill the PI bonus score



For reporting on one or more additional of the following Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting measures beyond the one identified for performance score.



  • For using CEHRT to report certain Improvement Activities
  • For using only 2015 Edition CEHRT